Saturday, March 19, 2011

All Things Avs blog: a peek into Dater's sense of humor, and it's not funny.

In this very short blog entry, Dater seems to think he's doing his readers a favor tipping them in to a video somebody made about Steve Ott. The video looks like somebody spent nearly eight minutes working on it, featuring interviews with Steve Ott with a crying baby image poorly superimposed over Ott's image, and distracting music fading in and out of the background.

Dater, presumably high on something at the time, thought the video was flat-out hysterical, saying "I haven't laughed that hard in a while." I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, and I didn't laugh once at this stupid video. Didn't even smile. In fact, it made me like Steve Ott a bit more than I did before watching it, to tell the truth. The guy is freely admitting that he's been suspended before and that he knows he has a reputation, but he still wants to see certain types of hits get punished. Honestly, I think that's a pretty ballsy thing to say, and I don't really see why he should be called a "crybaby" for saying it.

If Dater thinks this is funny, I have to really question where the guy's head is at. Dater is known to have personal grudges against certain players, and evidently Ott is one of them, because only somebody who already hated Steve Ott would find this even the least bit amusing.

This blog entry gets an F. Since I feel like Dater tricked us into thinking we were about to see something humorous, I hope this actually funny "baby" video makes up for it:

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