Saturday, March 19, 2011

All Things Avs blog: "Negative" right in the title, so at least we know what we're in for.

In this blog entry, Dater starts off with an update on Eric Johnson: X-rays are negative, likely to play Saturday.

The rest of the blog is scattershot bitching about the Avalanche. Typical Dater stuff, with no insight and no focus: the Avs aren't competing, guys look like they've quit (but not Anderson, of course!), they're going through the motions, they're playing for their jobs, yadda yadda yadda.

A couple years ago, there were ads for the NHL network featuring a coach who did nothing but spout cliches... that's Dater. If this blog was just some fan out there complaining that his or her beloved Avalanche are stinking up the joint on a nightly basis, then OK. But the Avalanche have one major media entity covering them, and this is what we get from it.

Dater closes with this:

By the way, here is how former NHL GM Craig Button, now a TV analyst, sizes up the top five prospects in the coming NHL draft. You might be surprised to see that neither Larsson nor Landeskog is his top pick.

A couple days ago, Dater made it sound as if these two were the only two guys worth considering in the draft. So yeah, if the only thing I used to learn about the NHL was The Denver Post's crappy blog, maybe I'd be surprised to see that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is ranked #1 by a lot of sources. But since I apparently spend more time reading and learning about the NHL than the Post's hockey beat writer, I am not surprised at all.

Should the guy who's job it is to cover the NHL and report it to his readers really be surprised at something that is common knowledge just about everywhere else (relatively speaking)? The fact that Dater is surprised is kind of the point behind this blog... Avs fans deserve better than this.

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