Friday, March 18, 2011

All Things Avs blog: "Dater" and "Optimism" in same sentence: sign of apocalypse?

In this brief blog entry, Dater introduces his readers to Avalanche prospect Stefan Elliot, who is approaching the career scoring record for WHL defensemen. Dater does a good job telling us a bit about Elliot, even going so far as to link to another article about the kid and to mention the name of the guy whose record Elliot is after, which I thought were both nice additions.

My cynical nature peeked in, though, and asked, "Why has the guy been in the WHL for long enough to break a 37-year-old scoring record? If he's so good, why hasn't he moved up at all?" Elliot is twenty years old and has been in the WHL for four seasons, so part of me wonders if this record is a bit like Crash Davis hitting the most career HRs in the minors... a dubious honor. So while the topic raises some questions that are not answered here, this blog entry is a good intro to a player that could be an important piece of the Avalanche's future.


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