Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Things Avs blog: O'Byrne's face makes babies cry

This brief blog entry includes video of Ryan O'Byrne being interviewed about the cut on his face. As usual, I appreciate blog entries such as this one, as we aren't likely to find an interview with a guy like this anywhere else.

Dater also includes video of Clint Malarchuk's horrific injury in the late 80s. I am left with the impression that Dater just wanted an excuse to post some video of that incident, so he drew a connection between the two to justify it. He could just as easily have made the connection to Malarchuk and left it at that, but to include the video is, I feel, gratuitous.

O'Byrne finished his shift. Malarchuk would have died if the medics had been 200 feet farther away. Although there are obviously some similar elements involved, Dater's attempt to connect the two smacks of sensationalism, and the inclusion of the Malarchuk video (even though it's easily available elsewhere) is  in poor taste.


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