Saturday, February 12, 2011

Avs/Jackets Recap

An article on the Avs' 3-1 loss to the Blue Jackets. Aside from the to-be-expected Forsberg love-fest in his first game back with the Avalanche (i.e., "it seemed like the Avs' only truly dangerous scoring moments came when he was on the ice," and "...Forsberg — alone with the puck near the top of the left circle, sent a cross-ice pass to a cutting Kevin Shattenkirk that was as good as any Elway-to-McCaffrey timing pattern"), Dater basically offers a straight-up recap here. Although Peter Budaj had a very solid game, Dater only mentions him in passing... had Anderson played that well, he'd likely have had an entire paragraph about it, but seeing as how Dater pretty much ignored Budaj's play one way or the other, further comments on Dater's Budajhate will have to wait for another day. I doubt it will take too long.

With the already noted exception of the Forsberg Goggles being firmly in place (although even Forsberg received a soft chiding for being "...a little late getting back on defense prior to Nash's shot and goal"), Dater sticks to facts here, and allows quotes from Avs players and coaches to set the tone of the article.

Frankly, Forsberg did look pretty good with the puck on his stick, but a more thorough coverage may have also noted how slow he was on his feet, and how easy it was for BJ defenders to push him around, hold him against the boards, etc.. As far as Forsberg being the "best player on the ice," I don't know if I agree with that. The Avs played another decent game, particularly defensively (relatively speaking, of course), but couldn't get any really solid scoring chances. I still think they are on the right track, and will start winning some games soon, perhaps tonight.

Grade: B+ Some Forsberg fellating for sure, but even in proper journalism that is allowable considering the circumstances, the audience, and the build-up to his return. Generally informative, balanced, and light on the editorializing.

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