Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Things Avs post: Dater squelches rumors that nobody else has spread

Here, Dater chimes in to let us know that the rumors of Adam Foote and Paul Stastny being traded are unfounded. The funny thing is that the rumors that either might be traded wouldn't be spreading in the first place, if not for AD himself. As soon as 'Denver Post's Avalanche Beat Writer Adrian Dater" blogs about a rumor, it gains a credibility it doesn't necessarily deserve. Dater should realize this, and be a bit more selective with the trade rumors he spits out.

Who would trade for Foote right now? He's been flat-out awful, and hurt on top of that. He has next to nothing to add to a contending team. Any team for whom Adam Foote would actually help at D would be nowhere near the playoffs... why would the Flyers trade for a 39-year old, 7th defenseman? This rumor just never added up from the get-go, but that didn't stop Dater from passing it on.

And Dater was clearly the one stirring the pot with the Stastny rumors. He says he hears things "around the water cooler," but really all he does is follow Eklund and parrot anything he hears. This is the hockey-rumor equivalent of somebody at the NY Times repeating what he read in the Weekly World News about Obama coming to an agreement with the Aliens.

This just occurred to me, honestly, for the first time... what if Dater IS Eklund? The M.O. fits... He exists not to be an actual source of information, but solely to drive traffic to a web site. He just throws out a bunch of second-hand information and 1500 absolutely retarded ideas; starts rumors sending practically every player in the league to every team, and the dozen or so that, mathematically speaking, are bound to come true, he points to with confidence and and says "See? I was right." Hmmmm... the pieces all seem to fit, don't they.....?

After thinking about it for a minute, I don't think that Dater is Eklund. I am not sure Dater's sly enough to write this well-done article about his own secret identity just to throw people off the trail. But, Eklund may very well be Dater's Spirit Animal.

Grade: B-


  1. "In your face, Space Coyote!"

    I've been wondering about the Liles trade rumors that, once again, didn't come to anything. I can't think of another local player who's (allegedly) been the subject of so much (rumored) trade talk, year in year out, yet never budged an inch.

    Are the Avs that interested in trading him, but can't find a taker? Is everybody looking to pick him up, but the Avs don't want to let him go? I guess it doesn't really matter in the end, but it seems like with as much talk as there is about him every year at this time, I'd have expected something to actually happen sooner or later.

  2. I think Liles is constantly the target of trade rumors that never come true because he's good enough that other teams are interested, but not good enough that anybody would give up too much for him. I think teams kick the tires on him, but the Avs always seem to want a bit too much.

    Liles would be fine if paired with the right guy. I think a guy like Hannan or Salei would be just right for Lilies... stay-at-home guys who aren't necessarily physical defensemen, but that will cover for Lilies as he does his thing. Too bad they don't have anybody like those two...